Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Played by over 250 million people in 200+ countries, soccer is also watched on TV and the Internet by billions around the world.

Indoor Soccer, initially developed so players could continue to play in cold weather, has now achieved a great degree of notoriety due to its fast paced tempo and higher scores. Showing exceptional growth and popularity – primarily in markets with 5-10,000 seat civic arenas – the sport is most popular in the US, Canada, and Mexico but is played internationally. Other names for Indoor Soccer:

Mexico                        Futbol Rapido

South America           Showbol

Europe                        Minifootball

The first successful professional indoor league was established in 1978 when the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) was launched into six U.S. cities. Soccer is currently growing rapidly in the United States at all levels including youth, amateur, and professional. An increase in media coverage, television viewership, and participation has led to an explosion of interest in the sport. An exciting new professional league is now being formed to take advantage of indoor soccer’s growing popularity…a golden opportunity.

Indoor soccer fans are fans of thrilling, fast-paced, intense action generated by world class players. Picture non-stop movement, creative passing, impressive shots-on-goal, lightening quick goalies, and suffocating defense. Imagine soccer games that have high scores and never end 0-0. The average goals scored per game is 12.

An exciting new North American League is being formed incorporating successful existing indoor soccer franchises and select new franchises. This new league offers financially stable entrepreneurs the chance to capture the new North American dream… to become high-profile professional sports franchise owners. Only a few distinguished individuals are being offered charter membership. This privileged few will be integral to building, managing, and promoting this promising new professional league – the Indoor Professional League – IPL